Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shades of grey...or is that gray?

Either way, not much going on in the color front today. In fact, very conservative dressing today. Black and grey Prince of Wales trousers, white bespoke button down, black v-neck sweater, black socks and black square toe loafers. I was toying with my other pair of trousers that has more burgundy in it, but I needed a more suitable shirt or knit to wear with it. So, off to run a few errands and perhaps that much needed shirt. Still have to post the shoe article, next article I am thinking of writing in on plaids, or at least all the patterns people mistakenly call "plaid". Also, let me remind everyone that I am still looking for feedback on any additions to the site you would like to see of any other content you would like to see commented on. Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. I'd appreciate some words on "plaid"-- someone made a joke the other day when my brother and I wore similar shirts. My madras shirt and some other print of plaid were confused with one another! I hope there is an easy explanation.

  2. There is! Well, at least I think so....I will work on that next :)