Thursday, October 28, 2010


So, got dressed tonight in a simple white button down, wine colored Fred Perry Jumper and black mohair's with black cord shoes for my usual Thursday night cards.....only to find that they have been cancelled, and not just for tonight, but forever. I went to a few others bars to try and make myself feel better, but nothing helped....oh well. Plans are in motion for a dress up night once a week, will comment more on this as it develops.  As for now....not a happy camper. I bought some new items today, including a shirt and a sweater, but those will wait until new camera time. Not a happy week in the house of Brian.


  1. Apparently, only a few others and myself were actually drinking. So it's was no longer worth it for the bar to have it there....there's still cards, just not at that location, and all the others are down south. But,there's a DJ night on Mondays some friends and I might start doing, so that could occupy my time :)