Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shining moments

So, as promised, the first is me in a new knit and grey trousers. This was also the combo listed earlier with the yellow socks, but as these are cell phone pics, they don't show diddly and look bad, but oh well. I was kinda liquored up and pretending to be the door guy and really quite surprised how many people just showed me their IDs right off the bat. Needless to say, I had fun with that. The second is yours truly in light grey mohair trousers, with a nice navy blue cotton shirt with rounded collar. Also sporting brown shoes and a brown belt as to avoid clashing with the blue of the shirt (no black and navy together). I had forgot about this picture until a friend sent it to me. Don't judge. I was sleepy and nobody was playing.


  1. The picture of you taking a nap on the foosball table or whatever they are called is AWESOME

  2. Why thank you! I thought it was a stunning outfit myself :) I would like to think that was the first time I've slept in a bar, actually, I would even like to think that was the first time I have ever slept in THAT bar. Is there such a thing as alcohol induced narcolepsy?