Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's ok to be rude

Known about this line of clothing for a bit, thought I would post. Mikkel Rude out of the UK sells a line of clothing that's limited in numbers, but not in quality. Pretty much restricted to shirts, cardigans, and boots, but still worth checking out. Once again, the terrible status of the US dollar at the time makes these a little inaccessible, but doesn't mean I can't look. Great short and long sleeve shirts in a myriad of tartans and checks, some 60's styled boots that are nothing short of spectacular, and fantastic English wool chunky knit cardigan. Don't let his inability to smile in any picture fool you, this is great stuff. I have seen his wears outside of the website and they have also been discussed on a couple of websites I frequent with wonderful reviews. If you get a  chance, I would definitely give them a look.


  1. It would interesting to to hear where you can get similar looks but more accessibly. Because if I remember correctly, I've seen similar stuff before that you've purchased.

  2. You can get the look, but the problem lies in the details. I can fish uout a gigham shirt, but it's little touches like the length of collar, the notches sleeve, and the slim fit feel of it that's hard to find, especially in mens shirts. I am thinking, however, of making some changes on here and perhaps I can add some kind of feature like that.