Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Slashing down that list!

Almost as fast as I add to it. I managed to knock out another "need to get" item off the famous list. In this case it was a burgundy v-neck sweater. Sounds easy enough, but finding the right cut of sweater and depth of the v-neck is hard. Ultimately I found it at BR. It's a classic item that can be worn with almost anything, but never gets old with a classic white shirt and grey trousers. Also, the Nationwide Insurance deal finder guy has nothing on me, normally sells for $60, I got it for 50% off at the outlet AND an additional $15 bucks off because of my BR card and being my birth month. So, $15 for a merino wool sweater? Not too shabby if I may say so myself. Posting a pic off the website. Oh, and managed another pair of shoes recently, only this time it was a vintage pair of brogues of eBay, I'll post those as soon as they arrive.

P.s. Listen, this photo and/or jar of booze needs a home, tell your friends to subscribe to this site and enter the contest. That mannequin needs a name, I need more "peeps", and this booze ain't gonna drink itself.

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