Friday, October 15, 2010

What I wore...

The weather is getting cooler and sweater and jacket weather is around the corner, but not quite yet. Last night was Thursday cards and drinks with a friend in town. I wanted casual as I would be sitting for a length of time as well as walking between a few bars. I went with a grey prince of wales trousers, vintage navy ban-lon short sleeve with large collar, thin black socks and black leather square toe loafers I've owed for several years. It worked, although I wasn't completely happy with the blue shirt and black shoes. Next time I'll try a different color knit or shoes and see how it looks. Also got me to thinking that I need a couple of pairs of super thin socks for when I wear dress loafers. I am looking into the old thick-n-thins that have served this purpose well for years. In case you are unaware, thick and thins are a name given to men's socks that are usually silk or nylon and are quite sheer, but with thicker opaque stripes running through them, hence the name. I have found a source online for some in great colors, so I'll be updating as soon as these arrive.

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