Saturday, October 2, 2010

Before and a little after

So, pretty much finished as much as I am going to do with the experiment shirt. I ended up successfully removing the front pocket (it had a small hole, hence the cheap price), then I added a button hole and button on the back of the collar, and lastly, I thinned down the sides and sleeves. I have to say I am pretty pleased with the end product. I took a before and after picture, and you can see a difference. The first picture is the after and the second being the before. (I know I put them backwards).  The picture doesn't do them justice, as I narrowed the sleeves over an inch down the length and the sides came in a whopping inch and a half from both sides. I tried it on and it fits like a shirt should, not like a potato sack with a pattern. Next project is to actually make something from a pattern. In case you think this is unmanly, I must say I did spend most of the day in the garage using power tools, making sawdust, and pouring gasoline. So there.


  1. The shirt looks so much better. I wish it was actually sold "wearable" but alas, it wasn't. Congrats on figuring out how to make it that way! I would like to see better picture, perhaps with some details on where sleeves and such were taken in.

  2. Thanks....I wish I had taken more "before" shots to show the difference. Will probably take a pic of the back of the collar to show buttonhole. I did need to get a yellow shirt and saw one at ROSS, but it was too big, but now that doesn't seem to be a problem :)