Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday, Oct 29th

Not a whole lot to do today. Did most of my errands during the week so I am left with some "free" time. Going to work on a few home projects as well and some online web work. It's a nice cool day so far, so I have opted for the Levi's 514 cords (really liking these) in a nice brown, a thin black turtle neck tucked in, a nice wide DNA brown leather belt with large full buckle in brass. Got a kind of late 60's psych look going today, and it's suiting me just fine. You know about the Levi's, but this turtleneck is one of two I got from Banana Republic of all places. They were literally giving them away on sale, as I guess I was the only one who wanted them. So managed two nice thin cotton turtlenecks in a nice slim fit for $20 total. I haven't any shoes on as I will pretty much be indoors most of the day, but I think that a pair of low heeled Chelsea boots would be ideal for this look. New item to mark on list. OK, back to work I guess....

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